【臨時休廊 】2020.4.5(sun) – 5.9(sat) :Temporary Close

予定しておりました、岩井尚子 個展 と 山田春美 個展、須恵朋子 個展、佐藤賀奈子個展は、 開催日程を変更することに致しました。開催日が決定次第、お知らせいたします。

Due to the government’s announcement of an emergency situation due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the exhibition will be postponed from April 5 (Sun). (We are temporarily closed from April 5th to May 9th (Sat))
We have decided to change the scheduled dates for Naoko Iwai’s solo exhibition, Harumi Yamada’s solo exhibition, Tomoko Sue’s solo exhibition, and Kanako Sato’s solo exhibition. We will inform you as soon as the date is decided.
Natsuki Shibata’s solo exhibition and Lento exhibition will be held from May 10 (Sun) to 16 (Sat) May, and Natsuki Shibata solo exhibition from May 17 (Sun) to 23 (Sat) May. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.